Joseph had had a premonition that his father would refuse
to give his brethren credence, because they had tried to deceive
him before, and "it is the punishment of the liar that
his words are not believed even when he speaks the truth."
He had therefore said to them, "If my father will not believe
your words, tell him that when I took leave of him, to see
whether it was well with you, he had been teaching me the
law of the heifer whose neck is broken in the valley." When
they repeated this, every last vestige of Jacob's doubt
disappeared, and he said: "Great is the steadfastness of my
son Joseph. In spite of all his sufferings he has remained
constant in his piety.[296] Yea, great are the benefits that
the Lord hath conferred upon me. He saved me from the
hands of Esau, and from the hands of Laban, and from the

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