Such was the manner of Jacob's arrival in Egypt. He
came with his whole family, sixty-nine persons they were in
all, but the number was raised to seventy by the birth of
Jochebed, afterward the mother of Moses, which took place
when the cavalcade had advanced to the space between the
one and the other city wall.[321] All the males in his family
were married men; even Pallu and Hezron, the latter of
whom was but one year old at the time of their migration,
and the former but two years, had the wives with them that
had been chosen for them by their parents.[322] In general,
all the sons and grandsons of Jacob had married young, some
of them had been fathers at the age of seven.[323]

Joseph took some from among his brethren, and presented
them to Pharaoh. He chose the weakest of them,

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