and evil," he continued, "have been the days of the years of
my life. In my youth I had to flee to a strange land on account
of my brother Esau, and now, in my old age, I must
again go to a strange land, and my days have not attained
unto the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the
days of their pilgrimage." These words sufficed to convince
Pharaoh and Og that the man standing before them
was not Abraham, but his grandson.[327]

When Jacob uttered the words, "The days of the years
of my pilgrimage have been few and evil," God said to him:
"Jacob, I saved thee out of the hands of Esau and Laban,
I restored Joseph unto thee, and made him to be a king and
a ruler, and yet thou speakest of few and evil days. Because
of thy ingratitude, thou wilt not attain unto the days

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