he gained by reason of his kindness of heart and his generosity.
Whatever he gave his brethren, he gave with a
"good eye," a liberal spirit. If it was bread for food, it
was sure to be abundant enough, not only to satisfy the
hunger of all, but also for the children to crumble, as is
their habit.[332]

But Joseph was more than a helper to his family. As a
shepherd pastures his flock, so he provided for the whole
world during the years of famine. The people cursed Pharaoh,
who kept the stores of corn in his treasure chambers
for his own use, and they blessed Joseph, who took thought
for the famishing, and sold grain to all that came.[333] The
wealth which he acquired by these sales was lawful gain,
for the prices were raised, not by him, but by the Egyptians

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