themselves.[334] One part of his possessions, consisting of
gold and silver and precious stones, Joseph buried in four
different places, in the desert near the Red Sea, on the banks
of the Euphrates, and in two spots in the desert in the vicinity
of Persia and Media.[335] Korah discovered one of the hiding-
places, and the Roman emperor Antoninus, the son of Severus,
another. The other two will never be found, because
God has reserved the riches they hold for the pious, to be
enjoyed by them in the latter days, the days of the Messiah.[336]
The remainder of Joseph's possessions he gave
away, partly to his brethren and their families, and partly
to Pharaoh, who put them into his treasury.[337]

The wealth of the whole world flowed into Egypt at that
time, and it remained there until the exodus of the Israelites.

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