They took it along, leaving Egypt like a net without fish.
The Israelites kept the treasure until the time of Rehoboam,
who was deprived of it by the Egyptian king Shishak, and
he in turn had to yield it to Zerah, the king of Ethiopia.
Once more it came into possession of the Jews when King
Asa conquered Zerah, but this time they held it for only a
short while, for Asa surrendered it to the Aramean king
Ben-hadad, to induce him to break his league with Baasha,
the king of the Ten Tribes. The Ammonites, in turn, captured
it from Ben-hadad, only to lose it in their war with the
Jews under Jehoshaphat. Again it remained with the Jews,
until the time of King Ahaz, who sent it to Sennacherib as
tribute money. Hezekiah won it back, but Zedekiah, the last
king of the Jews, lost it to the Chaldeans, from whom it
came to Persia, thence to the Greeks, and finally to the

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