the ruler over Egypt. The Egyptians had hesitated to make
him their viceroy, because they shrank from choosing a man
accused of adultery for so high an office. It was the priests
that made the suggestion to examine Joseph's torn garment,
which his mistress had submitted as evidence of his guilt,
and see whether the rent was in front or in back. If it was
in back, it would show his innocence--he had turned to
flee, and his temptress had clutched him so that the garment
tore. But if the tear was in front, then it would be a proof
of his guilt--he had used violence with the woman, and she
had torn the mantle in her efforts to defend her honor. The
angel Gabriel came and transferred the rent from the fore
part to the back, and the Egyptians were convinced of Joseph's
innocence, and their scruples about raising him to the
kingship were removed.[340]

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