Jacob said to Joseph: "If I have found grace in thy
sight, bury me not, I pray thee, in Egypt. Only for thy
sake did I come down into Egypt, and for thy sake I spoke,
Now I can die. Do this for me as a true service of love, and
not because thou art afraid, or because decency demands it.
And when I sleep with my fathers, thou shalt bury me in
their burying-place. Carry me out of the land of idolatry,
and bury me in the land where God hath caused His Name
to dwell, and put me to rest in the place in which four husbands
and wives are to be buried, I the last of them."

Jacob desired not to be buried in Egypt for several reasons.
He knew that the soil of Egypt would once swarm
with vermin, and it revolted him to think of his corpse exposed
to such uncleanness. He feared, moreover, that his

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