descendants might say, "Were Egypt not a holy land, our
father Jacob had never permitted himself to be buried
there," and they might encourage themselves with this argument
to make choice of Egypt as a permanent dwelling-
place. Also, if his grave were there, the Egyptians might
resort to it when the ten plagues came upon them, and if he
were induced to pray for them to God, he would be advocating
the cause of the Lord's enemies. If, on the other
hand, he did not intercede for them, the Name of God would
be profaned among the heathen, who would say, "Jacob is
a useless saint!" Besides, it was possible that God might
consider him, the "scattered sheep" of Israel, as a sacrifice
for the Egyptians, and remit their punishment. From his
knowledge of the people, another fear was justified, that
his grave would become an object of idolatrous veneration,

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