tithe of my sons, because according to the law I had to withdraw
from the reckoning the four sons, Reuben, Joseph,
Dan, and Gad, that are the first-born children of their mothers.
When I returned, God again appeared unto me in
Beth-el, and He said, Be fruitful and multiply. But after
this blessing no son was born unto me except Benjamin
alone, and it cannot be but that God meant Manasseh and
Ephraim when He spoke of 'a nation and a company of
nations.' If now I have found favor in thy sight, thy two
sons Ephraim and Manasseh, even as Reuben and Simon,
shall be mine, and then I shall be able to give a tenth part of
my ten sons unto the Lord, and I shall leave this world free
from the sin of not keeping my vow to the Lord concerning
the tithe-giving."

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