destroyed, and Israel would be carried away into banishment,
and the exiles would ask the Patriarchs to intercede
for them with God, but God would not hearken unto them.
On their way to the land of the stranger they would pass
the grave of Rachel, and they would throw themselves upon
it, and beseech their mother to make intercession for them
with God. And Rachel would pray to God in their behalf:
"O Lord of the world, look upon my tears, and have compassion
upon my children. But if Thou wilt not take pity on
them, then indemnify me for the wrong done to me." Unto
her prayer God will hearken, and He will have mercy upon
Israel. Therefore was Rachel buried in the way.

Now Jacob desired to bless the sons of Joseph, but the
holy spirit made him to see Jeroboam, the descendant of

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