Ephraim, and Jehu, the descendant of Manasseh, how they
would seduce Israel to idolatry, and the Shekinah forsook
him as he was about to lay his hands upon the heads of his
grandsons. He said to Joseph, "Is it possible that thou
didst not marry the mother of thy children according to the
law?" Joseph thereupon brought his wife Asenath to his
father, and pointing to her marriage contract, he said, "This
one is my wife, whom I married as is proper, with a marriage
contract and due ceremony. I pray thee, my father,
bless my sons if only for the sake of this pious woman."

Jacob bade his grandsons approach close to him, and he
kissed and embraced them, in the hope that his joy in them
would lure back the holy spirit, but his hope was vain. Joseph
concluded that the time was not favorable for blessing,

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