Reuben and Simon, shall be mine," Joseph had noticed his
father's preference for his younger son Ephraim. It made
him very anxious about his older son's birthright, and he
was careful to put the two lads before his father in such
wise that Manasseh should stand opposite Jacob's right
hand, and Ephraim opposite his left hand.[366] But Ephraim,
on account of his modesty, was destined for greater things
than his older brother Manasseh, and God bade the
holy spirit prompt Jacob to give the birthright to Ephraim.[367]
Now when Joseph observed his father put his right
hand upon Ephraim's head, he made an attempt to remove
it unto Manasseh's head. But Jacob warded him off, saying:
"What, thou wouldst displace my hand against my will, the
hand that overcame the prince of the angel hosts, who is as
large as one-third of the world![368] I know things not known

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