to thee--I know what Reuben did to Bilhah, and what
Judah did to Tamar. How much more do I know things
known to thee![369] Thinkest thou I know not what thy
brethren did to thee, because thou wouldst betray nothing
whenever I asked thee?[370] I know it, Manasseh also shall
become great, the judge Gideon shall descend from him, but
his younger brother will be the ancestor of Joshua, who will
bring the sun and the moon to a standstill, though they have
dominion over the whole earth from end to end." Thus did
Jacob set Ephraim the younger above Manasseh the older,
and thus did it remain unto all times. In the list of the
generations, Manasseh comes after Ephraim, and so it was
in the allotment of the portions in the Holy Land, and so it
was in the placing of the camps and the standards of the
tribes, and in the dedication of the Tabernacle--everywhere

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