Adam's clothes Jacob had received from Esau. He had
not taken them from his brother by force, but God had
caused them to be given to him as a reward for his good
deeds. They had belonged to Nimrod. Once when the
mighty hunter caught Esau in his preserves, and forbade
him to go on the chase, they agreed to determine by combat
what their privileges were. Esau had taken counsel with
Jacob, and he had advised him never to fight with Nimrod
while he was clothed in Adam's garments. The two now
wrestled with each other, and at the time Nimrod was not
dressed in Adam's clothes. The end was that he was slain
by Esau. Thus the garments worn by Adam fell into the
hands of Esau, from him they passed into Jacob's, and he
bequeathed them to Joseph.[379]

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