The accident made Jacob apprehensive that his sons were
not pious enough to be considered worthy of the revelation
concerning the Messianic era, and he said to them, "Ishmael
and the sons of Keturah were the blemished among the issue
of my grandfather Abraham; my father Isaac begot a blemished
issue in Esau, and I fear now that among you, too,
there is one that harbors the intention to serve idols."
The twelve men spake, and said: "Hear, O Israel, our
father, the Eternal our God is the One Only God. As thy
heart is one and united in avouching the Holy One, blessed
be He, to be thy God, so also are our hearts one and united
in avouching Him." Whereto Jacob responded, "Praised
be the Name of the glory of His majesty forever and
ever!"[383] And although the whole mystery of the Messianic

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