time was not communicated to the sons of Jacob, yet the
blessing of each contained some reference to the events of
the future.

These were the words addressed by Jacob to his oldest
son: "Reuben, thou art my first-born, my might, and the
beginning of my strength! Thy portion should have been
three crowns. Thou shouldst have had the double heritage
of thy primogeniture, and the priestly dignity, and the royal
power. But by reason of thy sin, the birthright is conferred
upon Joseph, kingship upon Judah, and the priesthood upon
Levi. My son, I know no healing remedy for thee, but the
man Moses, who will ascend to God, he will make thee whole,
and God will forgive thy sin.[384] I bless thee--may thy
descendants be heroes in the Torah and heroes in war.[385]

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