Though thou must lose thy birthright, yet wilt thou be the
first to enter into possession of thy allotment in the Holy
Land, and in thy territory shall be the first of the cities of
refuge, and always shall thy name stand first in the list of
the families of the tribes. Yea, thou shalt also be the first
whose heritage will be seized by the enemy, and the first to
be carried away into the lands of exile."[386]

After Reuben had had his "ears pulled" thus, he retired,
and Jacob called his sons Simon and Levi to his side, and he
addressed them in these words: "Brethren ye were of
Dinah, but not of Joseph, whom you sold into slavery. The
weapons of violence wherewith ye smote Shechem were
stolen weapons, for it was not seemly for you to draw the
sword. That was Esau's portion. To him was it said, By

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