thy sword shalt thou live. Into the council of the tribe of
Simon my soul will not come when they foregather at
Shittim to do vicious deeds, and my glory will not be united
unto the assembly of Korah, the descendants of Levi. In
their anger Simon and Levi slew the prince of Shechem,
and in their self-will they sold Joseph the bull into slavery.
Accursed was the city of Shechem when they entered to
destroy it. If they remain united, no ruler will be able to
stand up before them, no war will prosper against them.
Therefore will I divide and scatter their possession among
the possessions of the other tribes. The descendants of
Simon will many of them be poor men, who will wander
from tribe to tribe and beg for bread, and also Levi's tribe
will gather its tithes and gifts from all the others."

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