spoke thus to him: "Judah, thou dost deserve thy name.
Thy mother called thee Jehudah, because she gave praise to
God at thy birth, and so shall thy brethren praise thee, and
they all will call themselves by thy name. And as thou didst
confess thy sin openly, so also thy descendants, Achan,
David, and Manasseh, will make public avowal of their sins,
and the Lord will hear their prayer. Thy hands will send
darts after the fleeing foe, and thy father's sons shall pay
thee respect. Thou hast the impudence of a dog and the
bravery of a lion. Thou didst save Joseph from death, and
Tamar and her two sons from the flames. No people and no
kingdom will be able to stand up against thee. Rulers shall
not cease from the house of Judah, nor teachers of the law
from his posterity, until his descendant Messiah come, and
the obedience of all peoples be unto him. How glorious is

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