and slander thee, but thou didst set thy hope in the Almighty.
Therefore may He who appeared unto me as El
Shaddai bless thee and grant thee fertile soil and much
cattle. May the blessing thy father giveth thee now, and
the blessing that his fathers Abraham and Isaac gave
him, and that called forth the envy of the great of the
world, Ishmael, Esau, and the sons of Keturah--may all
these blessings be a crown upon the head of Joseph, and a
chain upon the neck of him that was the ruler of Egypt, and
yet diminished not the honor due to his brethren."[399]

The slander of which Jacob spoke referred to what Potiphar
had said of Joseph before Pharaoh. He had complained,
saying, "Why didst thou appoint my slave, whom I
did buy for twenty pieces of silver, to be ruler over the

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