Egyptians?" Joseph had then taken up his own defense,
saying: "When thou didst buy me as a slave, thou didst
commit a capital crime. Only a descendant of Canaan may
be sold as a slave, and I am a descendant of Shem, and a
prince besides. If thou wilt convince thyself of the truth of
my words, do but compare me with the likeness of my
mother Sarah that Pharaoh had made of her!" They
brought Sarah's likeness, and, verily, it appeared that
Joseph resembled his ancestress, and all were convinced of
his noble lineage.[400]

The blessing that Jacob bestowed upon Benjamin contains
the prophecy that his tribe would provide Israel with
his first ruler and his last ruler, and so it was, for Saul and
Esther both belonged to the tribe of Benjamin. Likewise

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