Benjamin's heritage in the Holy Land harbors two extremes:
Jericho ripens its fruits earlier than any other region in
Palestine, while Beth-el ripens them latest. In
Benjamin's blessing, Jacob referred also to the service in the
Temple, because the Holy Place was situated in the territory
of Benjamin. And when Jacob called his youngest son a
wolf that ravineth, he was thinking of the judge Ehud, the
great scholar, a Benjamite, who conquered Eglon king of
Moab, and also he had in mind the Benjamites that captured
their wives by cunning and force.[401]

Again, if he called Benjamin a wolf, Judah a lion, and
Joseph a bull, he wanted to point to the three kingdoms
known as wolf, lion, and bull, the doom of which was and
will be sealed by the descendants of his three sons: Babylon,

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