their lips, and he taught them the order of transporting his
bier,[404] thus: "Joseph, being king, shall not help to bear it,
nor shall Levi, who is destined to carry the Ark of the Shekinah.
Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon shall grasp its front
end, Reuben, Simon, and Gad its right side, Ephraim, Manasseh,
and Benjamin the hindmost end, and Dan, Asher,
and Naphtali its left side." And this was the order in which
the tribes, bearing each its standard, were to march through
the desert, the Shekinah dwelling in the midst of them.[405]

Jacob then spake to Joseph, saying: "And thou, my son
Joseph, forgive thy brethren for their trespass against thee,
forsake them not, and grieve them not, for the Lord hath
put them into thine hands, that thou shouldst protect them
all thy days against the Egyptians."

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