hung with drapery of byssus and purple. Fragrant wine
was poured out at its side, and aromatic spices burnt next
to it. Heroes of the house of Esau, princes of the family
of Ishmael, and the lion Judah, the bravest of his sons,
surrounded the sumptuous bier of Jacob. "Come," said Judah
to his brethren, "let us plant a high cedar tree at the head
of our father's grave, its top shall reach up to the skies, its
branches shall shade all the inhabitants of the earth, and its
roots shall grow down deep into the earth, unto the abyss.
For from him are sprung twelve tribes, and from him will
arise kings and rulers, chapters of priests prepared to perform
the service of the sacrifices, and companies of Levites
ready to sing psalms and play upon sweet instruments."[409]

The sons of Jacob tore their garments and girded their

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