joined to the bier with threads that were held together with
hooks of onyx stones and bdellium. Joseph placed a large
golden crown upon the head of his father, and a golden
sceptre he put in his hand, arraying him like a living king.

The funeral cortege was arranged in this order: First
came the valiant men of Pharaoh and the valiant men of
Joseph, and then the rest of the inhabitants of Egypt. All
were girt with swords and clothed in coats of mail, and the
trappings of war were upon them. The weepers and mourners
walked, crying and lamenting, at some distance from the
bier, and the rest of the people went behind it, while Joseph
and his household followed together after it, with bare feet
and in tears, and Joseph's servants were close to him, each
man with his accoutrements and weapons of war. Fifty of

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