to himself. For, continued Esau, "though I sold my birthright
unto Jacob, I yet have a portion in the tomb as a son
of Isaac." The sons of Jacob, however, were well aware of
the fact that their father had acquired Esau's share in the
Cave, and they even knew that a bill of sale existed, but
Esau, assuming properly that the document was left behind
in Egypt, denied that any such had ever been made out, and
the sons of Jacob sent Naphtali, the fleet runner, back to
Egypt to fetch the bill. Meantime, while this altercation
was going on between Esau and the others, Hushim the son
of Dan arose and inquired in astonishment why they did not
proceed with the burial of Jacob, for he was deaf and had
not understood the words that had passed between the disputants.
When he heard what it was all about, and that the
ceremonies were interrupted until Naphtali should return

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