the warriors of the sons of Seir, and the Midianites and the
children of the East were put to flight.

Thereafter the sons of Esau returned to Seir, and they
slew all the inhabitants of the place, men, women, and children,
sparing only fifty lads and maidens. The former they
used as slaves, and the latter they took to wife. They also
enriched themselves with the spoils, seizing all the possessions
of the sons of Seir, and the whole land was divided
among the five sons of Esau. Now these descendants of
Esau determined to put a king over themselves, but in consequence
of the treachery committed during the war there
prevailed such hatred and bitterness among them that they
decided never to appoint a ruler from their own people.
Their choice fell upon Bela, the son of Beor, one of the

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