warriors sent to them by King Agnias. His peer could
not be found among the allied troops for bravery, wisdom,
and handsome appearance. They set the royal crown upon
his head, built a palace for him, and gave him gifts of silver,
gold, and gems, until he lived in great opulence. He reigned
happily for thirty years, and met his death then in a war
against Joseph and his brethren.

This war came about because the sons of Esau could not
banish from their memory the disgrace of the defeat inflicted
upon them by Joseph and his people. Having enlisted
the aid of Agnias, and of the Ishmaelites and other nations of
the East, they set forth on a second campaign against Egypt,
in the hope of delivering Zepho and his followers from the
hands of Joseph. In spite of their enormous host--they had

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