as it was, Agnias had his hands full with other warlike
enterprises. It had happened about this time that a man of
the land of Kittim, 'Uzi by name, whom his countrymen
venerated as a god, died in the city of Pozimana, and he left
behind a fair and clever daughter. Agnias heard of Yaniah's
beauty and wisdom, and he sued for her hand, and his request
was granted him by the people of Kittim.

The messengers of Agnias were hastening away from
Kittim, bearing to their master the promise of the inhabitants
that Yaniah should become his wife, when Turnus,
king of Benevento, arrived on the same errand. His suit
was rejected, for the people of Kittim were afraid-to break
the promise given to Agnias. In his anger, Turnus went to
Sardinia to make war upon King Lucus, a brother of Agnias,

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