persuaded into war with the sons of Jacob, fled the country
and betook himself to Kittim.

The people of Kittim received him with great honors,
and they offered him much money to stay with them and
conduct their wars. It happened once while Zepho was in
the mountains of Koptiziah, where the inhabitants of Kittim
had taken refuge before the troops of the African king,
that he had to go on a search for an ox that had strayed
away, and he discovered a cave the opening of which was
barred by a great stone. He shivered the stone in pieces,
and entering the cave he saw an animal formed like a man
above and a he-goat below, and he killed the strange beast,
which was in the very act of devouring his lost ox. There
was great rejoicing among the people of Kittim, for the

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