monster had long been doing havoc among their cattle, and
in gratitude they set aside one day of the year, which they
called by Zepho's name, in honor of their liberator, and all
the people brought him presents and offered sacrifices to him.

At this time it came to pass that Yaniah, the wife of King
Agnias, fell into a grievous sickness, and the physicians
ascribed her illness to the climate, and to the water of Africa,
to which she, a native of the land of Kittim, could not get
accustomed, because she had been in the habit of using the
water of the river Forma, which her forefathers had drawn
to her house through a conduit. Agnias sent to the land of
Kittim and had some of the water of the Forma brought to
Africa. Finding it much lighter than the water of his own
country, he built a huge canal from the land of Kittim. to

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