During the first thirteen years of his reign, the Africans
made no attempt to disturb the peace of Kittim, but then
they invaded the land, only to be severely repulsed by Zepho,
who pursued the troops up to the very borders of Africa, and
Agnias the king was in such consternation that he did not
venture to make reprisals for some time. When he finally
made a second attempt, his troops were annihilated by Zepho
down to the very last man. Now Agnias, in despair, assembled
all the inhabitants of Africa, as numerous as the
sand on the sea-shore, and he united his great host with the
army of his brother Lucus, and thus he made his third attempt
upon Zepho and the people of the land of Kittim.

Alarmed, Zepho wrote to his brethren in Seir, and entreated
their king Hadad to send him aid. But the people

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