of Seir had concluded an alliance with Agnias as far back
as under their first king Bela, and they refused Zepho's
request, and the king of Kittim had to face the host of eight
hundred thousand men mustered by Agnias with his little
band of three thousand. Then the people of Kittim spake
to their king Zepho, saying: "Pray for us unto the God of
thy ancestors. Peradventure He may deliver us from the
hand of Agnias and his army, for we have heard that He is
a great God, and He delivers all that trust in Him." Zepho
prayed unto the Lord, saying: "O Lord, God of Abraham
and Isaac, my fathers, this day may it be made known that
Thou art a true God, and all the gods of the nations are vain
and useless. Remember now this day unto me Thy covenant
with Abraham our father, which our ancestors related
unto us, and do graciously with me this day for the sake of

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