Abraham and Isaac, our fathers, and save me and the sons
of Kittim from the hand of the king of Africa, who hath
come against us for battle."

God gave ear unto Zepho's prayer, and in the first day's
battle one-half of the African army fell. Agnias forthwith
dispatched a decree to his country, ordering, on penalty
of death and confiscation of property, that all the males
of the land, including boys that bad passed their tenth year,
were to join the army and fight against the people of Kittim.
In spite of these new accessions, three hundred thousand
strong, Agnias was beaten again by Zepho in the second
battle. The African general Sosipater having fallen slain,
the troops broke into flight, at their head Agnias with Lucus
the brother and Asdrubal the son of Agnias. After this dire

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