"The sun has come."[15] The moon stood for Joseph's
mother, and the stars for his brethren, for the righteous are
as the stars.[16] Jacob was so convinced of the truth of
the dream that he was encouraged to believe that he
would live to see the resurrection of the dead, for Rachel
was dead, and her return to earth was clearly indicated by
the dream. He went astray there, for not Joseph's own
mother was referred to, but his foster-mother Bilhah, who
had raised him.

Jacob wrote the dream in a book, recording all the circumstances,
the day, the hour, and the place, for the holy spirit
cautioned him, "Take heed, these things will surely come
to pass."[17] But when Joseph repeated his dream to his
brethren, in the presence of his father, Jacob rebuked him,

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