Kittim for fifty years. His successor was Janus, one of the
people of Kittim, who enjoyed an equally long reign.

Balaam had made his escape to Egypt after the death of
Zepho, and he was received there with great demonstrations
of honor by the king and all the nobles, and Pharaoh appointed
him to be royal counsellor, for he had heard much
about his exceeding great wisdom.

In the Edomite kingdom, Samlah was succeeded by Saul
of Pethor, a youth of surpassing beauty, whose reign lasted
forty years. His successor upon the throne was Baal
Hamon, king for thirty-eight years, during which period the
Moabites rose up against the Edomites, to whom they had
been paying tribute since the time of Hadad, and they succeeded

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