in throwing off the yoke of the stranger.

The times were troubled everywhere. Agnias, the king of
Africa, died, and also the death of Janus occurred, the king
of Kittim. The successors to these two rulers, Asdrubal,
the son of Agnias, and Latinus, the king of Kittim, then
entered upon a long drawn out war of many years. At first
the fortune of war favored Latinus. He sailed to Africa
in ships, and inflicted one defeat after another upon Asdrubal,
and finally this king of Africa lost his life upon the
battlefield. After destroying the canal from Kittim to Africa
built many years before by Agnias, Latinus returned to
his own country, taking with him as his wife Ushpiziwnah,
the daughter of Asdrubal, who was so wondrously beautiful
that her countrymen wore her likeness upon their garments.

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