Latinus did not enjoy the fruits of his victory long.
Anibal, the younger brother of Asdrubal and his successor
in the royal power, went to Kittim in ships and carried on
a series of wars lasting eighteen years, in the course of
which he killed off eighty thousand of the people of Kittim,
not sparing the princes and the nobles. At the end of this
protracted period he went back to Africa, and reigned over
his people in quiet and peace.

The Edomites, during the forty-eight years of the reign
of Hadad, the successor of Baal Hamon, fared no better than
the people of Kittim. Hadad's first undertaking was to reduce
the Moabites again under the sovereignty of Edom, but
he had to desist, because he could not offer successful

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