Joseph's respect and esteem for his brethren. "So long
as my father was alive," Joseph said to himself, "he bade
me sit at the head of the table, though Judah is king, and
Reuben is the first-born. It was my father's wish, and
I complied with it. But now it is not seemly that I should
have the first seat in their presence, and yet, being ruler of
Egypt, I cannot yield my place to any other." He thought
it best therefore not to have the company of his brethren
at his meals.

But they, not fathoming his motives, sent Bilhah to him
with the dying message of their father, that he was to forgive
the transgression and the sin of his brethren. For the
sake of the ways of peace they had invented the message;
Jacob had said nothing like it. Joseph, on his part, realized

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