Can I do aught to put these out of the world? Ten
stars could effect nothing against one star, how much less
can one star effect anything against ten? Do you believe that
I have the power of acting contrary to the laws of nature?
Twelve hours hath the day, twelve hours the night, twelve
months the year, twelve constellations are in the heavens,
and also there are twelve tribes! You are the trunk and I
am the head--of what use the head without the trunk? It
is to my own good that I should treat you with fraternal
affection. Before your advent, I was looked upon as a slave
in this country--you proved me a man of noble birth. Now,
if I should kill you, my claims upon an aristocratic lineage
would be shown to be a lie. The Egyptians would say, He
was not their brother, they were strangers to him, he but
called them his brethren to serve his purpose, and now he

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