Joseph was the son of a Canaanitish shepherd. Now I behold
the splendor that emanates from him like unto the
splendor of the sun, illuminating our house with his rays.
In my audacity and folly I had looked down upon him, and
had spoken absurd nonsense against him. I knew not that
he was a son of God, as he must be, for among men such
beauty as his does not exist. I pray Thee, O God of Joseph,
grant me pardon! It was my ignorance that made me speak
like a fool. If my father will give me in marriage to Joseph,
I will be his forever."

Meantime Joseph had taken his seat at Potiphar's table,
and he observed a maiden looking at him from one of the
palace windows. He commanded that she be ordered away,
for he never permitted women to gaze at him or come near

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