He gave me to eat of the bread of life and to drink of the
blessed cup, and he spake these words unto me, 'I give thee
unto Joseph as his affianced wife, that he may be thy affianced
husband forever.' And furthermore he said, 'Thy
name shall not any more be called Asenath, but thy name
shall be City of Refuge, whither the nations shall flee for
safety.' And he added, 'I go to Joseph, to tell him all these
things that have reference to thee.' Now, my lord, thou
knowest whether the man was with thee and spoke to thee
in my behalf."

Joseph confirmed all she had said, and they embraced and
kissed each other in token of their betrothal, which they
celebrated by a banquet with Potiphar and his wife. The
wedding took place later in the presence of Pharaoh, who

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