Pharaoh that he had overheard. The former had said that
he waited but to learn of the death of his father Jacob in
order to do away with the sons of the handmaids, because
they had been the ones to sell him into slavery. Their wrath
excited against Joseph by these words, the sons of Bilhah
and Zilpah assented to the proposition of the son of Pharaoh.
It was arranged that the latter should kill Pharaoh,
the friend of Joseph, while they would fall upon their
brother, and put him out of the way. They were furnished
with six hundred able warriors and fifty spearmen for the
purpose. The first part of the plan, the murder of Pharaoh,
failed. The palace guard would not allow even the successor
to the throne to enter his father's bedchamber, and
he had to depart without having effected his object.

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