From their ambush the forces of the son of Pharaoh fell
upon Asenath and her six hundred attendants. They succeeded
in hewing down the vanguard, and Asenath had to
take to flight. To her alarm she encountered the son of
Pharaoh with fifty mounted men. Benjamin, seated in the
same chariot with her, came to her rescue, for in spite of his
youth he was exceedingly courageous. He descended from
the chariot, gathered pebbles, and, throwing them at the
son of Pharaoh, struck him on his forehead and inflicted a
severe wound. The charioteer aided him by keeping him
supplied with pebbles, which he cast at the fifty riders with
such expert skill that he slew forty-eight of them with as
many missiles. Meantime the sons of Leah arrived on the

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