death blow to the heavily wounded son of Pharaoh. So far
from permitting harm to be done to him, he washed his
wounds, put him into a chariot, and took him to Pharaoh,
who thanked Levi from his heart for his services of loving-
kindness. Levi's efforts were vain, three days later the son
of Pharaoh died of the wounds inflicted by Benjamin, and
from grief over the loss of his first-born Pharaoh followed
him soon after, departing this life at the age of one hundred
and seventy-seven years. His crown he left to Joseph, who
ruled over Egypt for forty-eight years thereafter. He in
turn handed the crown on to the grandchild of Pharaoh, an
infant in arms at the time of his grandfather's death, toward
whom Joseph had acted in a father's stead all his life.[432]

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