and his establishment in Egypt, were but disguised means
created by God, instead of executing His counsel directly
by carrying Jacob down into Egypt as a captive.[26]

Joseph reached Shechem, where he expected to find his
brethren. Shechem was always a place of ill omen for
Jacob and his seed--there Dinah was dishonored, there the
Ten Tribes of Israel rebelled against the house of David
while Rehoboam ruled in Jerusalem, and there Jeroboam
was installed as king.[27] Not finding his brethren and the
herd in Shechem, Joseph continued his journey in the direction
of the next pasturing place, not far from Shechem, but
he lost his way in the wilderness.[28] Gabriel in human shape
appeared before him, and asked him, saying, "What seekest
thou?"[29] And he answered, "I seek my brethren."

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