sons, to bury him at once in Palestine, for he feared the
Egyptians would not give the latter permission to transport
his bones even if they recalled what Joseph had been allowed
to do with his father's body. They would object that Joseph
had been the viceroy, and a wish preferred by one of so high
an estate could not be denied.[433] Furthermore, he adjured
his brethren not to leave Egypt until a redeemer should
appear and announce his message with the words, "Pakod--
I have surely visited you"--a tradition which Joseph had
received from his father, who bad it from Isaac, and Isaac
in turn had beard it from Abraham.[434] And he told them that
God would redeem Israel through Moses as through the
Messiah, in this world as in the world to come, and the
Egyptian redemption would begin in Tishri, when Israel
would be freed from slave labor, and would be completed

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