in the following Nisan, when they would leave Egypt.[435]

Joseph also admonished his brethren to walk in the ways
of the Lord, so that they might become worthy of His grace
and help. Especially he impressed upon his brethren and
his sons the virtue of chastity and a steadfast moral life.
He told them all that had happened to him, the hatred of
his brethren, the persecutions of the wife of Potiphar, the
slander, envy, and malice of the Egyptians, to show how that
those who fear the Lord are not forsaken by Him in darkness,
or bondage, or tribulation, or distress. "I was sold
into slavery," he said, "but the Lord delivered me; I was
thrown into prison, but His strong hand helped me. I was
tortured by hunger, but the Lord Himself gave me sustenance.
I was alone, and God comforted me. And as for

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