had, in which the future of Israel was revealed to him,
and then he closed with the words: "I know that the Egyptians
will oppress you after my death, but God will execute
vengeance for your sakes, and He will lead you to the land
of promise of your fathers. But ye shall surely carry my
bones with you from hence, for if my remains are taken to
Canaan, the Lord will be with you in the light, and Behar
will be with the Egyptians in the darkness. Also take with
you the bones of your mother Zilpah, and bury them near
the sepulchre of Bilhah and Rachel."

These words ended, he stretched out his feet, and slept
his last eternal sleep, and the whole of Israel mourned him,
and the whole of Egypt was in great grief, for he had been
a compassionate friend to the Egyptians, too, and he had

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